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Money Matters with Hinckley & Rugby Building Society

A healthy bank balance helps when it comes to being fulfilled in life and so we've enlisted the help of the experts at Hinckley & Rugby Building Society to get our finances in shape this year.

Every Wednesday at 10:30am on Fosse 107 a member of the team from Hinckley and Rugby Building Society will be coming in to answer your questions about finances. 

The experts will talk us through a topic each week, but feel free to ask a question about anything you like. 

Got a Question..?

If you have a question for our experts please submit it using the form below...  

Enter your question for Money Matters here
Include your name if you are happy for us to use this when asking the question on air.
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Episode 12 - 14th July 

This week Colin Fyfe from Hinckley & Rugby Building Society answers your money related questions in the final episode of the series. 

Episode 11 - 7th July 

This week is all about relationships and what to do when a relationship breaks down but you have a mortgage. 

Episode 10 - 30th June 

How many people can you have on a mortgage? Am I too old to get a mortgage? Colin Fyfe answers your questions on Fosse 107. 

Episode 9 - 23rd June 

Colin Fyfe from Hinckley & Rugby Building Society and Mark Foster answer your questions on finance. 

Episode 8 - 9th June

Colin Fyfe from Hinckley & Rugby Building Society and Mark Foster discuss self build mortgages, interest rates, investing in foreign currency and savings. 

Episode 7 - 2nd June

Colin Fyfe from Hinckley & Rugby Building Society answers your questions about Money Matters. 

Episode 6 - 25th May 2021

Mark and Colin discuss holiday lets, how they bought their first homes and affordable housing in this latest episode. 

Episode 5 - 19th May 2021

Why do I keep getting texts that look like they're from my bank asking me to call them? How to avoid scams... A local builder asks Colin about inflation and we ask should everyone have a pension, a will or both? 

Episode 4 - 12th May 2021

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, Colin explains the link between money and mental health and provides us with some tips if finance is impacting our health. 

Episode 3 - 5th May 2021

Rachel asks Colin, how can I find out about my credit score, John wants to know why is credit card interest so high and Phil asks why is contactless only £45...?


Episode 2 - 28th April

Colin and Mark discuss crypto currency and how the housing market being used as an investment is causing issues for some buyers. Also, have you ever wondered what lenders like when you're taking out a mortgage? Colin has some inside information. 

Episode 1 - 21st April

Colin and Mark discuss the pandemic, how a new type of mortgage could help first time buyers and how you can get your question answered on Money Matters next week. 




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