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1. What are Cookies?
Fosse 107’s website use cookies. This page explains exactly why we use cookies and exactly what information we collect.

Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored by your browser on your computer’s hard drive. The EU has recently updated its policy on cookies and asked us to make it clear to you exactly what our approach to cookies is. You read more about the EU directive on the Information Commission website here.

Fosse 107 uses a few different cookies depending on how you use the site. The different types of cookies are as below.

2. Your Location
We ask you to tell us your location when you first visit the website. We then store this information in a cookie so that we don’t have to ask you next time you visit the site. By telling us your location, you are consenting to us dropping this cookie on your computer.

3. Log In
If you register on our website, you are consenting to us dropping a cookie on your computer. The log-in cookie contains a long string of characters that we also hold in our database. Your browser sends us this cookie when you request a page which we then lookup against a list of users in our database. When we find a match, we know it’s you. The cookie itself does not hold any personal information.

4. Advertising
We display adverts on our site to help pay for all the technology and staff needed to run them. By using the site you are consenting to us dropping advertising cookies on your computer. These cookies don’t contain any personal information but they do contain a history of pages viewed on the computer that you are using. This is why you might see, for example, DFS adverts after browsing the DFS website. The advertising cookies also control how often you’ll see an advert.

5. Usage
We may occasionally use cookies to track how people are using the site. These cookies do not contain any personal information and are used internally for statistical purposes. We might for example look at the total number of people that have used the site in the last week, or find out which has been the most popular page. By using the site, you are consenting to us dropping these cookies.

6. Social Media
Not strictly a cookie, but in the spirit of letting you know what is going on we thought we’d include it. If you are logged into Facebook or Twitter we’ll be able to show you what your friends are doing on the site. It is not actually us doing this, it is the clever people at Facebook and Twitter. We don’t hold any of the information that you’ve given to Facebook or Twitter. If you are not logged into Facebook or Twitter, we can’t show you what your friends are doing.

7. Removing Cookies
You are able to delete cookies at any time by using the management tools within your browser. Some browsers also allow you to run in ‘incognito mode’ or use ‘private browsing’, which would make you appear to us as an unknown individual.

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