Money Matters with Hinckley & Rugby Building Society (Series 1)

A healthy bank balance helps when it comes to being fulfilled in life and so we've enlisted the help of the experts at Hinckley & Rugby Building Society to get our finances in shape this year.

Every Monday at 10:30am on Fosse 107 a member of the team from Hinckley and Rugby Building Society will be coming in to answer your questions about finances. 

The experts will talk us through a topic each week, but feel free to ask a question about anything you like. 

If you miss an episode you can catch up here...

Week 1 - Mortgages                                       Week 7- Financial Limitations

Week 2 - Savings                                           Week 8- Interest Rates

Week 3 - Finance

Week 4 - Money Matters

Week 5 - Budgeting

Week 6 - Credit Cards

Got a Question..?

If you have a question for our experts please email it here... and we could be discussing it on Fosse 107 next week. 



About Hinckley & Rugby Building Society

Did you know that Hinckley & Rugby Building Society has been around locally for more than 150 years? In November 2018, Colin Fyfe took over as the Chief Executive and the HQ moved from Upper Bond Street in Hinckley to the Old Magistrates Court. The Building Society has branches across Hinckley, Nuneaton and Rugby and can help customers nationwide. 


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