Advent Calendar 2021

In 2021, Fosse 107 gave away some amazing prizes on our Advent Calendar. 

Here are those special moments when our listeners helped to open the Advent Calendar door in 2021. We can't wait to do it again in 2022. 


If you're a business that wants to giveaway a prize - sign up here. 



Winner Door 2 - Daz the builder won...

Winner Door 6 - Ant, he pulled very hard

Winner Door 3 - Kate in Bedworth

Winner Door 7 - Corrinne in Bulkington

Winner Door 14 - Ann from Barwell

Winner Door 8 - Carol sounded very happy

Winner Door 9 - Jan, she seemed happy with her prize

Winner Door 10 - Wendy, with a little help

Winner Door 22 - Dave working in Quorn

Door 13 Winner - Glyn didn't sound fully awake

Door 20 Winner - Linda had lots of energy 

Winner Door 16 - Mem with help from Rachael

Winner Door 24 - Helen was our final winner

Winner Door 17 - Jackie who had to have 2 pulls

Winner Door 23 - Annette, who knew all about Connors

Winner Door 1 - Chris Wilson won...

Winner Door 15 - Jayne from her car

Winner Door 21 - Jenny who was off to London for the day

Want to take part in our Advent Calendar in 2022? - sign up here. 

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